The John Dunham Royalty Lineage "Fraudulent"

There are many individuals who are steadfast in a belief that there is a royal lineage through Deacon John Dunham.  To sum up the following research - there is no royal line which descends through Deacon John Dunham - it is "fraudulent".  So please take all those notes about this issue and store them separately and AWAY from your documents about Deacon John Dunham.  You are doing yourself, and many others, a favor by stopping this particular misinformation trail.

In 1998, The American Genealogist researcher, Paul C. Reed, FASG, Salt Lake City, Utah, conducted actual research into the alleged royal lineage that was carried on by Reverend Isaac Watson Dunham and his book, "Dunham Genealogy" (1907).  While the Honorable Reverend Dunham created a vast catalog of names and lineages, it was not thoroughly researched to today's more accurate standards, and certainly not with the documentary access that we have today.  This is the reason that the John Dunham Society does not allow the use of Reverend Dunham's book pages as "source" records.  Even though we  state this on our website, we are occasionally provided lineages by those seeking John Dunham Society membership, and those requesting our Preliminary Review Form, that turn out to be incorrect and are suspect to have been taken "straight out of the book", or otherwise following other's incorrect research.  This is why it is important to for each researcher to be critical of their own work, take little "for granted", and double or even triple-check their sources.  The "importance value" of your work, for potential members, is that it is correct, and YOUR LINEAGE, beyond dispute!

Without further discussion, let's see what Mr. Reed has researched and provided:

TAG 73:101 (1998), Paul C. Reed, FASG, Salt Lake City, Utah

TAG 73:102 (1998), Paul C. Reed, FASG, Salt Lake City, Utah

TAG 73:103 (1998), Paul C. Reed, FASG, Salt Lake City, Utah

TAG 73:104 (1998), Paul C. Reed, FASG, Salt Lake City, Utah