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The Society of John Dunham Descendants

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  The John Dunham Society was founded by descendants of Deacon John Dunham.  The goals of our society are to maintain the honor, reputation, and lineage of the first Dunham in America.  John Dunham came to Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts between 1628 and 1632, and he died 2 March 1668/9 at age 80.  The ship on which he traveled to America remains unknown.  If your surname is Dunham or you have an ancestor (on either side of your parents) having the last name of Dunham then you may be a descendant of Deacon John Dunham.

  There are several Mayflower passenger connections interwoven throughout the descendants of Deacon John Dunham.  Our Society continues to explore those Mayflower pilgrim associations as we assist both membership applicants and those submitting a Preliminary Review to certify their lineage back to the First American Dunham, Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

  Anyone who believes they are a descendant of Deacon John Dunham and would like to prove such lineage may present documentation to qualify for membership to the John Dunham Society.


The Will of Deacon John Dunham